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Customer Testimonials

"I met Helena at Onswipe's new product launch event at Soho House as I was encouraging our guests to attend a post-launch networking gathering. She was rushing to another event at New York University, but gave me her card, and agreed to touch base. When she emailed me about a week later, she shared an insightful and supportive posting she published about Onswipe's event. I immediately thought she would be a perfect consultant for the marketing project I was working on at Onswipe as an MBA student. Having completed an MBA degree herself, Helena was instrumental in developing the framework I used to identify specific target segments and create a re-positioning strategy. She was also generous in sharing industry knowledge and contacts to push forward my marketing project. I highly recommend Helena as a marketing consultant for any technology firm in its growth stage looking to maximize value for their customers."

- Andrea Wong, Managing Director, One Race Global Film Foundation


"Helena is a driven person, engaged in entrepreneurship. She is always networking finding valued connections. She would add value to any team she is on."

- Michael Liguori, CEO and Founder, What Are Minds For, Inc.


"Helena is a focused professional that pays great attention to details. She has a memory that serves her consulting platform quite well. When we became acquainted, our firm needed a marketing specialist to help guide our marketing initiative. She was immediately able to connect us to a very able and qualified young professional. 
We have continued to successfully work with the professional. Much Thanks Helena"

                                                     -Emmanuel Esochaghi, Managing Director, VeraDaniel & Company